the place advocating righteousness

As a planned vitalizing and developing county of the original Central Soviet Area , Chongren County locates at the strategic belt of two national level economic development zones including Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone and West-Straits Economic Area.

  Located at the east of central Jiangxi and western area of Fuzhou,Chongren County has the land area of 1520 square kilometers and the population of 360,000. With more than 1420 years county establishment history,the County is famous for natural science. As the “Ecological Granary and Country of Hemp Children”, the county has been boasted as “Wangyi at the Eastern Jiangxi and Famous City of Neo-Confucianism”.The County is a national hing quality commodity grain city and Yuan Longping,the “Father of Hybrid Rice”, personally visited our county to provide guidance for the planting of super rice.Hemp Children of Chongren passed the affirmation for geographical iconic brand of national agricultural products. As a “red Soviet area and electromechanical base”, Chongren County has been named as the “Country of Hemp Children in China” by the Ministry of Agriculture. The electromechanical industry with core sector of substation equipment is a pillar industry of Chongren and a critical new industry of Jiangxi Province.

  Along with the accelerated promotion of industrialization and urbanization, Chongren County is just at a major strategic development opportunity .Chongren,with rapid development speed and significant business opportunities , and hospitable people of Chongren are looking forward to your coming.